Alison Hendrix "Nature Under Constraint and Vexed"

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I love my new shirt!!

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okay so the thing about Augustus Waters is that he’s this ridiculous asshole who talks in circles and never lights his cigarettes because he’s so full of important metaphors and he’s just this pretentious dick of a character right except he’s not he’s not he’s insecure and scared and he’s just a kid he’s a scared kid with cancer but he’s so much more than that he knows there’s more to him than his illness but he’s so afraid of just being a kid with cancer that he doesn’t know how to just let himself be a normal kid he doesn’t know how to relate to people unless he wraps himself in metaphors and symbols and stilted phrases and maybe he’s not perfect maybe his personality is forced sometimes but it gives him something other than the cancer, something other than the void that he knows is on the other side and his stupid cigarettes make him feel alive and god he’s not a perfect person but he’s a good person and Hazel sees so much good in him and of course she’s drawn in by this cool guy who’s not put off by her short hair and her oxygen tank of course she doesn’t always see past his bullshit but when she does she sees how much he cares and how hard he tries and she sees life in him. Hazel sees herself as a bomb for god’s sake she’s terrified of letting people love her but Gus is brave, he’s so scared but he’s so brave and he loves Hazel so much and they both know they don’t make sense they’ve learned that kids like them don’t get epic love stories and they know they don’t have a lot of time together but they sure as hell make an infinity out of what they do get and maybe it’s not “realistic” but it’s honest and real and even if Gus is a pretentious, grandiose bastard he’s so much more than that 

and i guess you can read his character just as an annoying jerk with some kind of superiority complex if you want to but holy shit you’re missing out on so much

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exactly 7 years ago (April 15, 2007)

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"You wake them, or show your face, yes. I will shoot you."

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Jeff/Annie | season 5

"We have to respect each other enough to let each other want what we want."

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Do any of my followers know anything about record players? I really want one that’s not too expensive and works well.

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When your head says one thing and your whole life says another, your head always loses.”

Movies Watched in 2014 | Key Largo (1948)

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